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Item no. S294 (stamp)

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Item no. S294 (stamp)

Type: stamp

Country: Monaco

Date of issue: 17 May 1965

Catalog number: Michel no. 804 (of 798 – 809)

Stamp of 12-stamp set issued to honor Centenary of UIT (= Union Internationale des Télécommunications [International Telecommunication Union]). It commemorates SAMUEL FINLEY BREESE MORSE (1791 – 1872), scientist and artist (inventor of telegraph, portrait painter and art educator). He is also called “Father of American photography” as he was the first to bring daguerreotypy to America, first to open daguerreotype studio in the USA (with John Draper) and first to make daguerreotype image (of Unitarian Congregational Church of the Messiah and surrounding buildings of Broadway in New York) in the USA.

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