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Item no. S728 (stamp)

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Item no. S728 (stamp)

Type: stamp

Country: Guinea

Date of issue: 2009

Catalog number:

A 3-stamp set in form of a souvenir sheet issued to commemorate 20th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall [Chute du mur de Berlin]. The stamps present main personalities thanks to whom the Wall was brought down – the Pope John-Paul II, president of Soviet Union Mikchail Gorbatschow, and Helmut Kohl, Chancellor of Germany. The tabs show former Chancellor of Germany Willy Brandt, part of the Berlin Wall, and graphic representation of a photograph "Leap into freedom", which shows the escape of a NVA [Nationale Volksarmee in DDR] soldier (Hans Conrad Schumann [1942 - 1998]) from the eastern sector of Berlin at the time of building the Berlin Wall (Overseas Press Club award for the best photograph in 1961). The photograph was taken by Peter Leibing (1941 – 2008), young photographer working for a private press agency "Conti-Press", in August 1961.

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