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Item no. P2132b (postcard)

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Item no. P2132b (postcard)

Type: cover

Country: The Netherlands

Date of use: 1948

Business stationery (postcard, back of) used by the Amsterdamsche AMATEUR-FOTOGRAFEN-VEREEN [The Amsterdam Amateur Photographers’ Association] in Amsterdam (The Netherlands). The association was founded in 30 September 1923; approved by Royal Decree of 18 October 1926. On the occasion of its Silver Jubilee in 1948, the AAFV is launching a photo competition, titled: “AMSTERDAM”
During the '10th Amsterdam Christmas Fair of Photographic Art' in 1948, the most beautiful photos from the above competition will be exhibited in a separate room. The photographs are intended to represent Amsterdam, both new and old, in the most characteristic way possible, and to highlight its specific character and unique atmosphere. The number of subjects is countless. They are at hand: canals, bridges, facades, parks, harbours, businesses, markets, fire brigades, police, traffic, street scenes, etc., etc.
The photos will be judged on their documentary as well as on their characteristic and artistic values. The conditions of participation which can be sent to you on simple request at our office, are the same as those for the Christmas Fair. If you are already going to work for this competition, you will be able to depict Amsterdam in all seasons and moods.

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